day 10 – gala night at Tunku, KLPac

i was excited when Fang called up and say, hey you wanna watch Tunku? i was like…sure! been wanting to watch that, when? then she goes….this Wednesday, i’ve got tickets….and its gala night…..its formal!  and the prime minister is going to be there too!

and so first thing i thought of is ika, serena c and pietro! building castles in the air, i thought i might have a chance to take a personal picture with Pak Lah himself!

so anyways, the night was last night! suddenly panic attack..because upon arriving there, there were police and datuk-datuk, datin-datin all there……this has to be my MOST embarrassing night. Seriously, i was looking at the cardboard in my car and was contemplating whether or not to bring it down. imagine how awful i will look????

after braving myself for 5 mins, juan you can do this. no one will remember you anyway! i brought it out, walked towards the entrance and already ppl were staring at me. i was soooo embarassed that i was hiding behing ISP and even have them facing me instead of the crowd. meaning the crowd is just seeing this while board floating in the air!

but my fears went away, when a very nice man approached me. He walked pass me and saw the cardboard and say, dear, u deserve to win! i smiled. THANK YOU!!!! and i told him, i’m soo soo embarassed. i dunno how i can braved myself to walk in! then he goes, no! you shouldnt! you are doing a great job! then there was this photographer near us, and he goes, come lets take a picture and get the photographer to take a picture of us and say, she deserves to win! phew~ i was relieved.

^this is the man that gave me the confidence!

after having some trouble getting my tickets cause they were no where to be found, Dato faridah Merican came and helped me got my tickets. shes such a lovely lady and i dont mind working under her and a thing or two!

as it was about time to get into the theater, i had to leave the ISP somewhere and not block everyone’s view to the show. there were few things going on before the show starts. some speech here and there then there was news that the PM cud not make it….but we have MEL GIBSON in the house! woots!

the show was awesome and my eyes went teary when the character “Syed’s son” died. *sob sob*

once again, my sincere thanks to Fang and everyone for taking the time to “layan” me.



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